Series 3

From the basis of convenience, this series provides you with a design that is functional and simple. Modular Package starts from S$50,000

MUJI INDUSTRIAL STYLE With natural colour palette – a mix of greys, neutrals and rustic tones to allow the use of furniture and other accessories to help liven up the room and the opportunity to create a natural flow throughout the living space.

SHANGHAI ORIENTAL A touch of elegance with selected warm tones of deep walnut and cream, Shanghai Oriental is a class of its own with a modern twist. Simple but not plain, it’s elegance shines through with meticulous details in the craftsmanship and materials used.

THE PARISIAN Take a quintessential Parisian apartment with a touch of chic and adapt to your living space. Using shades of grey with selected highlights of teal and coupled with marble textured features create an expensive charming interior.

Series 5

This series elevates the space and experience of living. Modular Package starts from S$100,000

NEW YORK Urban chic meets city sophistication – The New Yorker’s decorating style rewards you with visual impact and high functionality.

SHADES OF GREY A picturesque marbled interior creates a chic and trendy living space as if it was lifted off from the cover of a magazine. This series gives a fresh, crisp outtake of a modernistic approach.

MASCULINE The mix of monochromatic and highly effective juxtaposition of spectacular elements clearly showcases a man with an infinite taste of life. With subtle details and strong lines, this series breathes masculinity in the most gentleman way.

Series 7

This series brings forth the most premium and finest of high life living. Make excellence your standard. Modular Package starts from S$200,000

FIFTH AVENUE The perfect representation of cool-chic, this series leans to give a modernistic ambience surrounded by clean lines and hints of warm natural tones. It is the ideal interior for one who strikes a balance between design and lifestyle.

MISTY LONDON So sophisticated as is, this is an ambient fit for an English man. With subtle hue of greys and blues, refined with modern furniture for an international appeal. It is a composed balance of architectural feature with art gallery-like accessories. This series clearly understands and speak the language of an aristocrat. hints of warm natural tones. It is the ideal interior for one who strikes a balance between design and lifestyle.

THE CONTEMPORARY When vintage meets contemporary: ingenious modern design. With furniture and textures carefully selected to give the feeling of timelessness and grandiosity. Most ideal for you who love a mix of old and the new.

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Full customisation for your convenience. Delivering 100% satisfaction. Kuhlmann International works with only the best in technology as well as designers delivering the most stringent of quality and technical inspection.

At Kuhlmann, our designers work closely with our engineers to deliver utmost design with functionality. With german precision, we are constantly testing our products to make better the experience for your homes.

Some of the innovations include: an elevated multi power plug that can be lowered beneath the surface for more space. As well as a sensor shelving system that reads your gesture for reachability and easy storage.

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My dream home was delivered beyond expectations. The workmanship great, every detail was thought through and enhanced to allow optimum user experience with it’s functionality of the design.

Residential Owner, Landed Property
Truly a work of art. From design to technology, 100% satisfied. Meeting my every requirement. It was business as usual for me in no time with their efficient design and team work.

Hospitality Owner
Impressed by their quality in every way. From delivery to installation, there was quality control and technical check at every step. Definitely would recommend my friends.

HDB owner