Founded in Germany in 1923, Kuhlmann has at least 97 years of experience in craftsmanship and innovation. With a breath of fresh air to renovation, they extract the industry-leading standards of German manufacturing and Italian design to suit the needs and desires of their clients. Currently, Kuhlmann offers a total residential and commercial solution to clients from all over the world.

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Q Quality

Tested At Every Step. Built To Last.
With calculated test during fabrication, a formulated standard cuts across all products of Kuhlmann to ensure quality and durability for long-term use. Depending on design and climate, Kuhlmann work with materials that will compliment and withstand weather conditions like those in the tropical climate like ours.

E Efficiency

Paving The Way We Renovate, With Modularity.
With custom-made modular designs, most of the structures and fittings are fabricated off-site. And the final touch put together, completed efficiently and swiftly on-site. Renovation has never been easier till now.

D Design

Of German Precision & Italian Passion.
Integrating the best of both worlds. The Germans for their meticulous nature in every thing they do. The Italians for the luxuriously sleek and simple designs, that resonates with the world. Kuhlmann brings forth your ideal living experience in every way.


Recognised as the best in the world, German engineers and Italian designers joined forces at Kuhlmann, known for its customisation of modular interior furnishings. Together they deliver premium all-round solution with precision and style to suit the needs and desires for your high-end residential and commercial premises across the globe.

And what can we say about the quality? With Mr. Heiko, Manufacturing Director, a senior customisation production expert and certified wood material mechanist leading an impressive team of senior experts in customisation production, design and manufacturing, one can be assured its quality is guaranteed, at its highest standard.

With such distinct exact precision in engineering by the Germans, design and customisation by the ever innovative and creative Italians, it is without a doubt that Kuhlmann is leading the industry by miles.

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Series 3
range starts
from S$50,000

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Series 5
range starts
from S$100,000

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Series 7
range starts
from S$200,000

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